Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scatter plots, Statistics, and Hans

Here’s some Hans talking more about his dataset and global trends.

Sites on graphing/scatter plot/statistics:

What are Scatter plots? Hmmm…

Scatter plots display dots representing a collection of data. These scatter plots determine if the data given is a positive or negative correlation or if it even has one at all. The purposes of these are to determine and examine the relationships between the variables. Each dot represents a single unit of data entered. The more dots entered the easier it is to see trends and patterns of the entered information.

Scatter plots are statistics applied to mathematics or the arts. Statistics are the representation of data.

Notes/Steps on scatter plots and graphing-

Push these buttons in order for scatter plot graphing/Section 2-5:

STAT (arrow) 1:EDIT - info – L1, L2 - Y= - PLOT1

Move arrow to highlight

Clear anything in Y=


Find equation

STAT (arrow) Cal - 4: Lin Reg (ax=b)

“Lin Reg (ax=b) L1(push: 2nd +1), L2(2nd+2), Y(Vars) (arrow) yVars – 1:Functon – ENTER

2nd+ graph – Y= - 2nd + Window – 2nd + graph

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